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Sophie Sayers




C O P Y  T O O L S

Tone of Voice


It's not what you said, it's the way you said it.


OK, I admit I've uttered those words once or twice. But their importance is even greater for the written word.


I've helped define and apply tones of voice for brands from First Choice to Airmiles.


From pitch to pace, I can develop your message and tone strategy – giving you a consistent and unique identity.



It's no good throwing facts at your audience and expecting them to stick.


Personalised stories have conveyed crucial messages since the Bronze Age.


We may have swapped cave walls for Facebook walls, but the right tale is still imperative.


Inspire, direct and build momentum with a story and your reader travels with you.



The most important tool in any copywriter toolkit is perfectionism.


It's not good enough to miss a full stop. Or get a fact wrong. Or let poor grammar get in the way of sense or meaning.


That said: once you know the rules, you can break them for maximum impact.


Get in touch to discuss solutions from proofreading to a punctuation guide.


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