'Passionate about words and innovative brands, I have spent more than a decade ensuring customers desire and endorse the companies and products I represent.'


Sophie Sayers




Our Future


I am always on the hunt for my next copy challenge, big or small.


I can get your copy on track, balancing your commercial demands with creativity and ensuring messages and tone remain consistent and unique to your brand.


If you need a copywriter, proofreader, editor or tone of voice expert,

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'This is already our best performing issue and everyone here is really pleased with it'


Sarah Cawthorne. Sovereign (TUI Travel)

following commission to write full content for Arrival magazine

Editor for First Choice and head of copy for Airmiles and later Avios, I have worked for pure in-house and agency-style studios.


I have developed brands' written identities and worked with Tesco, Shell, Iberia, British Airways, Lloyds TSB, Bupa, Avis, Trafalgar, TUI Travel and other UK and global leaders.


I've produced large-scale projects in tiny timeframes. I've made complex propositions seem easy. And I've made everyday products seem pioneering and luxury brands seem essential to life.


My Past


It's not an unusual start to a copywriter's story.


It began at a school paper. Grew on internships at the Mid Sussex Times and Marie Claire. Evolved on a degree in Journalism. And finished in a career in copywriting.


I developed the toolkit to be an effective writer and editor with training in Journalism, Copywriting, Corporate Communications, Specialist Reporting, Media Management, International Media, Media Law and Ethics, Online SEO Copywriting and Photography.

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